New Dunks

New Dunks in!  Come in a grab these before they are gone.  We are also taking phone orders like always.


New Men's Triax's, Air Max 1, Dunks, and Women's Air Max 1

Christmas Sale Continues

We are open again today from 11-8.  and the sale is 15% - 60% off almost everything, hurry in!


Nike ad with Kobe IV

and check out DJ AM with the Yeezy's 

Nike Zoom Kobe IV iD - Mike Epps + DJ AM from Freshnessmag.com on Vimeo.


Foosball, come get it!

New Supras are in



Holiday Sale...

Still looking for that perfect holiday gift or gift for yourself, then come on in and take advantage of our holiday sale...


N.E.R.D. Sooner or Later

know I am a little late, but this is still funny

someone threw something at Kanye during a recent show and he snaps on the guy using autotune, doesn't get much worse then being embarrassed in front of thousands of people.  Remember when they were in MN and the dude threw the light up ball at him and he stopped the show?  

BBC Gold Backpack

Chris Brown was wearing the new gold BBC backpack, I still regret missing out on the last backpack, and I have a feeling I am going to regret missing out on this one too.  Oh, and how dope is it that Rihanna matches with her gold LV



we have a new facebook now AND a new screen name for instant messaging

the screen name is: Status1203

and the link for the facebook is: 

or just search "Status shop"

make sure you add the right one

New Supras, Crooks wallets, Mens and Womens Nike

Until Next Time...

T.I.  In-store has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts...


Go buy it, he never disappoints.

Favorite track is Gladiator but the whole album is dope. 

oh, and this is the 200th post


New Adidas ad with KG and Jeezy


The Clipse and Play Cloths event at Commonwealth

What did the 5 fingers say to the face?


These are coming in soon too, and soon means shipping NOW

No one else in the state is getting these, get yours while you can.

Timberland Supras coming in next week

Play Cloths jeans and new hoody


Girls Blazer and Dunk

Tons of Nike came today

(PS3 Blazers)

Akomplice skateboard is here

More Crooks and Akoo in


Akomplice Kanye flask now in

New Akomplice